Keeping our Children safer online

Where can I look for more information?

NetSafe (a New Zealand Internet safety organisation) have put together a NetBasics interactive package that deals with issues of cybersafety, aimed at young children. Worth a look.

Byron Review There is a recent report, commissioned by the UK government, recently published. It's called the Byron Review and pulls together a lot of the more recent findings from research and importantly, writes them up so they are easier to read and make sense of. It is highly recommended reading.

UK Government Some of the best 'trends based' research conducted comes out of the UK government's Office for Communications. It was completed to help inform the Byron Review (above) and is centred on questions about how children and young people are using the Internet. Again, highly recommended reading.

The Wood Verdict For a young person's perspective, someone who was motivated to get involved in the cybersafety debate directly as a result of being cyber-bullied himself, try Tom Wood's site. Tom's latest message (on his blog) is that we need to remember that the vast majority of kids operate safely online and use the power of the Internet to improve their lives. Very interesting reading and an advocate for common sense.

Growing up Online Broadcast in January 2008, Growing Up Online, Frontline (a hard hitting documentary series on America's PBS channel) takes viewers inside the very public and private worlds that kids create online, raising important questions about how the Internet is transforming childhood. This is a great site where you can view the original programme online, in its entirety, as well as follow up on some of the issues and questions raised.

ThinkUKnow is CEOP's (UK) advice site for various age-groups and their parents about Internet tools and technologies and the dangers they pose. Highly recommended.

The International Youth Congress met on the outskirts of London 17-21 July 2008, to consider online safety and security. The Congress is all about giving young people (all 150 of them, from all parts of the globe) a voice. There were some tremendous results, many of which are captured on this site. Bu tin many other ways, 'you had to be there' to get the full effect.

ChildNet International is a brilliant site for all manner of resources, including cybersafety. Possibly one of the best sites (and organisations) of its type anywhere. Highly recommended.

Let's Fight It Together is an award winning film produced by ChildNet International for the UK government to help sensitise young people to the pain and hurt which can be caused by cyberbullying. One of ChildNet International's most impressive resources - well worth viewing, for the whole family.

Digizen is a ChildNet International project, developed for and on behalf of the UK government. It provides advice and information on technology and Internet usage; and advice and resources for cybersafety. Outstanding.

The Internet Watch Foundation is a universal site for identifying what you can do to report child exploitation, inappropriate content and inappropriate communications (e.g. grooming), no matter what country you live in.

The Virtual Global Taskforce is made up of police forces from around the world working together to fight online child abuse. Operates as an advice and reporting site.

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